The Small

In our opinion we would agree with limited these opinions. Dead or to end only that is Time in which simply programmed agencies on the market can have success. Despite the immense crisis is yet to hold that the image market still remains a market on the day many providers meet consumers on many. Accordingly we think it right to say that the image market by 2002 2009 is dead, but begins a new phase of the image market. Properties of this new image market: 1) 2010 / 2011 will be a market rectification period, close many just medium agencies which only have a simple image search and without specialisation to all present some of the motifs. Reason: Large agencies push from the top, are cheaper, have more choices, are usually multilingual and have many license models such as flat-rate, etc. Small agencies push from below. The small feel it no cost pressures as the Middle, are more flexible and not rarely innovative programmed.

2.) it is the new image market significantly fewer start-ups type than the years before. If over the years so far was a veritable gold rush on the image market, you will now heard more cautious tones in the forums of the Center. We know that the market has become more difficult that faster than expected on the Internet can be, and that it is significantly harder to create not only an agency, but also to keep them running. 3.) the range of photo agencies is unmanageable at present. Literally on the Assembly line, agencies were established, which show a simple image search and some nice pictures on the main page. “Exactly at this time market experts say more than ever that a slogan will decide who survives or not: either largest provider or specialist, all other providers run great risk to go under in the next hours into insignificance”.