The Night

On the night before the wedding day, at the last available flight, which luckily got in a low-cost carrier, had arrived their parents and brother with girlfriend. It was near midnight. A beautiful surprise was for Alex and Mabel to see that Bob had come with his girlfriend. He had been told nothing and loved them both. They were all to bed.

They had prepared a couple of mattresses to sleep them, leaving the bed their parents. Bob had prepared the divan in the living room, which was very comfortable, but for a single person. Other available bed was medium-sized, but Esther, was using it so I had to ask her to please he moved to the Divan and left his bed to Bob and his girlfriend. Ester had no problem. Other leaders such as VMWare offer similar insights. In this way they found location for everyone in the House and none had to go to a hotel, which seemed a wonderful demonstration of affection.

Kelly and Cleve felt very happy because his children, as he was already called them, had given him his room. The next morning, they discovered that almost none had been able to sleep by the excitement they had. Bob, because he was going to be the godfather of his brother and it did feel very important. He had never before acted as such and feared not knowing to do well. Kelly, because most didn’t think about the ceremony. In that way would be developed and but would be no mistake. He had awakened so Cleve several times during the night, asking him things unimportant. Ester, because her daughter married, and although he was not the first son that did this, if it was the first time that her husband would not be. I was afraid to sadness not allowed to enjoy this important day for her daughter. And of course two of them, because it were the true protagonists of all this. John and his wife would come by plane and would go directly to the Church, since the flight arrived around noon.