Tension between what is important, and reality creates the energy that encourage personal growth. Creating a shared vision. This discipline brings people together around these common goals, allows you to define the skills required groups or organizations to achieve the desired future. Common vision of inspiring. Team training. Discipline group interaction. The teams are united through dialogue and properly constructed discussion.

And the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Cognitive model. We all have hidden beliefs that influence our thinking. They are very powerful, and, unfortunately, may prevent us from continuing education. If you extract them into the world and explore, we will create space for change. Systems thinking. To know more about this subject visit Harry Styles.

This is the fifth discipline which brings together all the previous ones, enabling people to see patterns in complex systems. What is it – to learn together? So, the secret is learning company – is not so much to learn, and to learn together. Effectively interact, discuss, jointly set goals, look for solutions. Share best practices and still understand that tomorrow is the best that could be something else. Search for the best, being driven by a common vision, sharing shared values. But … why it is so difficult to adopt this style in the company of their own. Somehow stereotypes interfere. Ambitions, claims former friction. It happens in families. And the same happens in business. And then there are those who are skeptical configured on this style … Those who are accustomed to scathing remarks or cold neglect devalue sensible idea, if their author – someone else. So. This is – right! I mean, it is widely … How can that be?. Problems are not solved at that level, at which have arisen. We need someone from outside the system. Someone who will listen to each other, to see the total, to feel each other, to find understanding, create synergies.