Tato Nano And Its Strife

Indian cars in the form of micro is the little runabout Tato Nano on the market in 2008 the first time by his Indian carmaker Tata Motors in New Delhi presented. For more information see Walt Disney Co.. It is considered the world’s cheapest car. Checking article sources yields Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City as a relevant resource throughout. In India, it costs 100,000 iR, translates into 1700 euros. After the price was known, you gave him the name in India after its selling price one lakh car, which means hundred thousand car. Details can be found by clicking Leslie Moonves or emailing the administrator. Due to the high demand, the first one hundred thousand cars were raffled. A two-cylinder into the mini cars engine in the rear. The displacement for the petrol model is 623 CC and developed performance is 33 HP. The transmission is equipped with four courses and comes from the Indian two-Wheeler manufacturer kinetic.

A continuously variable transmission should still be followed. But other well-known suppliers are at the small Nano. So the engine mounting or BASF delivers the Kat and the synthetic engine components for example Bosch injection technology and brake systems, Freudenberg. The fuel consumption is approximately five liters per 100 kilometers. So should the maximum speed by 100 km can be achieved.The trunk can accommodate size-technically a Briefcase, he is in front of the front axle. Why is the Nano so cheap? For one, no comfort items such as power steering, air conditioning, electric Windows or a car radio were fitted when installing. Also security technologies such as ABS and airbag has been omitted. Instead of welding body and chassis connections, they were stuck.

But the low material and labor costs are considered the most important factor in the production country of India. The Nano should delight but also the European car market in the future. After a retreading in terms of safety and comfort items the Indian low-cost car for 5,000 euros to price the brands Renault and Peugeot compete.