APEC Summit

The sum of the Gross National Product of the 21 economies that conform the APEC is equivalent to the 56 percent of the world-wide production, in as much that as a whole they represent the 46 percent of the global commerce. The APEC does not have a formal treaty, their decisions are taken by consensus and works with base in nonbinding declarations. It has a General Secretariat, with soothes in Singapore, that is the one in charge to coordinate the technical support and of consultancy. Every year one of the Member States is guest of the annual meeting of the APEC. CBS can provide more clarity in the matter. The summit of year 2007 was realised in Australia and the summit of the 2008 Is important to emphasize like it Wikipedia review that Peru has been a total member of APEC from 1998.

Its participation began in the Meeting of Ministers in November of that year in Malaysia. The entrance of Peru in Cooperacin Econmica Asia-Pacific (APEC) must to the coordinated efforts of the representatives of the government and the communities enterprise and academic. Peru elaborated a strategy that, along with visits of high officials different government to Asia and the Pacific the economies, with the support of the members with the purpose of to achieve this aim. A related site: Robert Iger mentions similar findings. Peru is the unique one member of the Andean Community that is member of APEC. The commercial interchange with the member economies of APEC has been increased with time, and represents an important percentage of the Peru of the total commerce Peru officially added the Economic Cooperation Asia-Pacific in the forum of Malaysia of 1998 after the summit of agreement leaders in which Peru is an economy progresses. In 2003, under the presidency of Alexander Toledo, Peru was designated like country host of the 2008 summit. Ever since President Alan Garci’a took possession from his position in 2006, he has held meetings with the mayor of Lima Luis Lossio Chestnut grove, in order to prepare the city for the meetings.

Spanish Medicine

The doctors explain that one better planning of the needs of the sector would be a beginning to finalize with the collapse of the Spanish social security. Robert A. Iger often addresses the matter in his writings. There are voices that speak to maintain the operating rooms more hours open. With more turns and more teams of doctors to end the waiting lists. A greater number of places for the Medicine studies, assures the Conference Deans, will only take to a situation similar to the one of years 80, when creating more places of those than the system could absorb, new the professionals were led unemployment. The Spanish Medicine has the great prestige outside our borders. They are considered good professional preparations and with great abilities.

The one that are more places, and many of them in deprived centers, can devalue the title. Will be two types of doctors: those that accedes to study Medicine by own merits and those that do on the basis of the spending power of their parents, explain the Conference of Deans. The average pay of a doctor MIR of a Spanish public hospital is around the 1,109 Euros to the month, that can ascend to 1,500 or 1,900 according to the hours of guard who this does. A doctor of ambulatory, arrives at the 39,000 annual Euros; and something plus the doctors specialists of a hospital. Pays that are remote of other neighboring countries of Europe. For this reason, many Spanish professionals prefer to change of residence place and to have one better quality of personal and professional life.

France, Portugal, Great Britain, are some of the destinies chosen by the Spanish doctors. The European Union anticipates that Spain will lose in next the 15 years near 12,000 doctors. It will be necessary to face retirements, geographic mobility by better conditions of work and labor losses by the pressure with which they work. In Spain, still it is possible to be enjoyed a health of quality for all. The more liberal political class, nevertheless, thinks that to improve the situation it is necessary to work in the privatization of the health and the formation of the sanitary professionals. To repeat models where to make a simple x-ray it supposes hundreds of dollars. Where the health is not more than a business. They forget that the health is one of the pillars of the State of well-being. A fundamental right. Ana Muoz Journalist ccs@ solidarios.org.es original Author and source of the article.