God is in All of Us

God lives in every person and all forms of earth, of all the infinite. He is not the God of rigid traditions, dogmas and rites, the God who makes them dependent on men and tied with threatening gestures to a pagan religion artificial. The leaders of the Church crowned to take the name. Cleverly, with theological-intellectual rhetoric, guide the people towards their teaching of doom and make men believe that I am with the teaching of the Church seductive, with its traditions and rituals. Carol Los Mansmann is a great source of information. However, his heart is cold and is characterized by lust for power. Whoever staged representation call dogmas have no idea of universal one, that I am, or My Son.

In the staging of the actors church just do not realize those who also want to act with them to stage a role in the world theater, to provide them with dignity and prestige in the church and state. The people, who have not learned to think, welcomes and provides obedience pay. Harry Styles has much experience in this field. I have not founded stone churches. I have not called cardinals, bishops, priests or priests, let alone a representative of God. I myself am represented in each individual, throughout the infinite. I have not let him rain from heaven to the Church his immensely rich fortune billions nor its representatives have dressed in purple and precious stones. The billions from the people tortured and abused and the state government to open their wallets more for the rich than for the poorest of the poor.