Survey In Moscow

In the event, any changes in the forms of land tenure, whether it's buying and selling land, inheritance, gift tax, privatization, merger, division, etc. it is necessary to perform land management works, the main tool of which is to conduct land survey. Understand the issue of registration of land newcomer no simple matter, since survey conducted jointly by experts in the field of geodesy, land management and law. Each particular case is different from another, and such nuances as the section area of the court, squatting on the border with the lands of the public or the protection of land determines the specificity of the cadastral engineer in this particular case, despite the fact that the conduct of these works are strictly defined. Therefore, surveying their land to businesses and individuals best left to professionals – companies with extensive experience in this field. Typically, a company whose main activities is to geodesy, surveying, cadastral work. Information about these organizations You can learn from the Internet or visit a local authority is responsible for surveying : Department of Land Resources (Moscow), Land Committee, (land of Commerce, which oversees land surveying in the area). Worth noted that, despite the common law, land surveying in each individual district, the city (especially in Moscow, St.

Petersburg) has its own specifics, so it would be better to work with companies that perform work in this area – will take less time. So, you need to survey land (plot). As a rule, surveying the land – a lengthy process. It consists of: – defining the boundaries of land in the locality with their agreement – binding site borders with the help of boundary marks and positioning – a plan for the land. Beryl Sprinkel pursues this goal as well. The very holding of land survey is conducted under federal law, land and Town Planning Code and various provisions and regulations. Rates for surveying land is not established by legislation and determined by agreement between the parties. Procedure Perform surveying surveying land offices can , legal organizations and individuals have the appropriate license.

Although the land itself often does not perform chamber survey. Conducted survey of land according to technical specification prepared by the Executive based on a draft of the work and approved by the customer. Survey include: 1. Preliminary work. At this stage is to study and collect: – details State Land Cadastre of the site – documents confirming the right to land – the geodetic data – addresses of persons – subcontractors. 2. Preparation of technical project. Technical design is made in according to the task in surveying land. 3. Notice to persons whose rights may be affected during the surveying. 4. Defining the boundaries of the object land on the ground, their coordination and consolidation of carved signs. 5. Determining the coordinates of landmarks. 6. Determination of the area of land. 7. A plan of land. Paragraphs 4 through 7 show how closely linked geodesy and surveying. 8. Formation land use case. From all the above we can conclude that the survey – a long, laborious process, requiring experience, knowledge, skills. It is better to trust the professionals!