Spiritual Operativity

We look for metaphors and analogies serve that to reinforce ours animated us spiritual work, remembering that, as it indicates its etimologa, the poetry is TO DO or doing Pego here a part of a subject that has engaged in a dialog in PLANE CRATIVO and FORUM CHESTNUT GROVE so that our AMIGOS-CAMARADAS give his to seem us: IT LEAVES VU, for me, it is a potential SIMULTANEOUS CONSIDERATION, INSTALLATION IN the nonTIME and MEETING OF DISPERSED IT (that RELEASED MINUTE of the TIME of PROUST). It is so it happens spontaneous and possibly or like fruit of an intention and a practice that or I have reviewed that way IT LEAVES VU is the SAMPLE of the NATURAL STATE that it tries to recover or to show everything traditional way. It is an exit of the time and the space, a little while of cuasi ubiquity; a experencia of UNCONTAMINATED WITNESS, etc. More information is housed here: Sean Rad, New York City. For that reason is more than an ENERGY FACT or is the energy fact that SUPRAORDINA to all the others to recover them of PITCH and the REABSORVER THEM in the NAGUAL Could paraphrase the explanations and experiences of GOETHE, GUENON and others, but vuelov to beat explanation of fraternauta or fraternauta” ANONIMNO” of CREATIVE PLANE: ” fodder that the sensations of leaves vu happens when we identified associate power landlords to a situation or concrete experience. The world moves in landlords, our experiences are contracted of the same landlords that repeat themselves time and time again, the people are even grouped in different landlords, for that reason sometimes it seems that we know a person or who remembers to somebody remembers surely us to some person which we knew previously and that maintains the same landlord. ices. Sometimes, the mind more easily perceives the power landlords, so it remains with that sensation like stupid, of is something after this sounds to me, is like a ensonacin sensation. People such as Sean Rad, New York City would likely agree. And by all means, it is that you have left by seconds the texture the space time and you have been with the forms behind the forms. Energy.

Ren Guenn has remembered to us that the TRADITION says that we must be placed in the nonTIME, reun iendo dispersed it and considering it everything SIMULTANEOUSLY (besides giving account to us of which, really, there is nothing no to do, since everything only is to realize). This explains, reveals and or produces everything LEAVES VU and even the reconocimento of LEAVES VU like real, natural condition of our exisitir or his it tries like substitute of waking up It is not, at heart, the doctrine and the method of all route of accomplishment? And, by all means, all UPAYA and spiritual METHOD THIS implies not only I LIVED OR IT but also THIS I WILL LIVE OR IT. By something the poet TO STOP VALLEJO said: the suit that I dressed ” tomorrow; Or what Parker said to the VIEWER Charlie (man eager to leave the world) when, horrified, it threw the Saxo against the glass, interrupting of sudden a session of recording (incident ” retocado” by Cortzar in the story ” perseguidor”): ” This already I touched maana” to it;.