In the year 2008 we already wrote about QR codes and wondered if in the near future we would talk about them. Almost four years ago the answer to that question is Yes. QR codes are already present in our daily lives. The main reason for the boom of QR codes is the adoption, ultimately the consumer Smartphone in their daily experiences, becoming a marketing tool essential for brands to mobile phones. The evolution of these codes is still quiet, increasing their profits as users are added to Smartphones and mobile devices. The limitations posed by QR codes for discounts at restaurants are minimal and with a little ingenuity and innovation can present data, information or content in a different way. Filed under: Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Today we can see in different places QR codes, since on the packages of products, on billboards, on business cards, on stickers, in shelters, in restaurants, in magazines, on buses, or even on the roof of the uses that can give this marketing tool there are many, though they will be useless if they don’t offer good content that may be of interest to the consumer. QR codes can include in magazines so that the reader, after scan the code with their phone, reaches a video online with additional content you are reading or also to unlock a coupon discount in a restaurant.