Show The Red Card To The

Joint press release by the Association for the protection of EC interests of users and of internetPost AG to SAFE-ADDRESS – protest against the two classes of the Telekom network not only protest active, but if Deutsche Telekom raises net neutrality for our Internet access, then we forbid you to use our data for advertising and distribution. Who wants to reinforce its protest against the plans of Germany, Telekom to violate net neutrality in his Internet access, can now easily via a promotional website of the Privacy Office SAFE-ADDRESS do: with just a few clicks, he can ask the Telekom of Germany, to inform him about the data that is stored by the Telecom and forbid the companies to use this data for advertising and market research. This is far more than just a verbal protest because customer data are stretches to a special value in the economy, in particular telecommunications industries ascended. According to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) Telekom is obliged, on customers Request once per year free of charge about your personal data stored by you notify ( 34 BDSG). In addition she must accept, if a customer objects to the use of his/her data for advertising and market research ( 28 BDSG). Deutsche Telekom to send information and inconsistent order, no registration on SAFE-ADDRESS is required. The protesting Telecom customer needs to enter just your email address, so that he can be informed about the course of the campaign. Then address and telephone numbers or the Telecom contract type, so they can match the customer’s data correctly.

Finish. Everyone knows the feeling of powerlessness against large corporations”, says Christian Merten, Board member of the Association for the protection of user interests EC, which operates the SAFE ADDRESS data protection centre with internetPost AG. But so faint we are not consumers. If we us jointly report to Word and Act, then also large companies listen.