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Search engine optimization/marketing for tourism websites on the Internet is hardly any other industry as competitive as the tourism industry. Terms such as flight, travel and hotel are among the most searched terms on the net at all. With such common terms as a travel agency or tour operator even where relevant on Google, it is harder to be listed. With short term concepts and standard can be achieved almost nothing more methods of search engine optimization (SEO). But how do I get my Web page on Google, Bing and co. find actually? Therefore, a number of factors play a role: the Struktut of page (onsite optimization) the entire structure of the Web page must be readable for search engines.

All links and file paths should be matched to the desired search terms. This makes problems systems (CMS) like Joomla or Drupal often before said content management again. Easy-to-make a new layout with a new Web site structure in the network can have disastrous consequences in the search results. Keywords Which keywords (keyword) are important and which keyword has even chances to get customers on his side? While it depends on an accurate analysis. How many search queries has my desired keyword? How many competitors are trying to come up with the same term? The discovery of the ‘keyword effectiveness index”(KEI) plays an important role.

IBE integration many vendors provide an Internet booking engine (IBE) in the standard layout in a so-called iframe on your page or link on the page of the provider. Both methods are very harmful. Generally, all on one Web page also in the layout of the page, and this page should be delivered directly. Integration via XML with custom forms is essential. Otherwise, the same mask with the same results in the network will show thousands times. Nothing like Google as little as again and again the same content. So we come to the next topic: content the content of a page should be mainly from so-called “content of unique” so from content that exactly so still exist not in the network exist. Google loves independent content. Also a vote of texts and images for the desired keywords is very important. This is essential especially in the tourism industry with thousands of times the same content from Internet booking engines (IBE). Lanfristige planning. Who believes in 3 months its Web page to to bring up will be quickly disabused. A successful structure of a Web page is one thing: plenty of time! Permanent search of keywords, entering new content and lots of other things require a lot of work. The more these things be noted the results are all the more sustainable also be. Professional advice on search engine marketing and search engine optimization are much too complex topics to be successful without a specialist. Quotes like “we make your site in top positions for 14.90 euros a month” are not worth even that amount. Obtain professional advice! You run or schedule tourist content on a website or a Web shop? We are an independent specialist in the IT consulting for companies operating in the tourism industry and for online trading.

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