Samsung Galaxy Tab Discover

They already presented it a couple of months ago, but it is worth to mention the first Android tablet of the brand, since this device has a very advantageous characteristics for users. What they hide these 7 inch? Therefore 7 Secrets: mobility very light and small, voice and video conferencing (front camera 1.3 mpx), eReader (your library anywhere), multimedia (music anywhere and play videos in all formats), camera (3.2 megapixel), reinvented web navigation (flash and resolution WSVGA) and Android 2.2 with Google Maps browser (the lost has gone down in history). The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a good phone for businessmen, for those workers who need to connect to the Internet from anywhere, manage e-mail, open documents, Office, go from one side to another without losing is clear that with the Samsung Galaxy Tab also many other things, can be since its characteristics do not just in those mentioned, but there are many more, because you have account with all the innovations of the brand until the time of its release. And it is that we have been users the plaintiffs of products like this, since every day communication needs that have to be covered somehow emerging us and, in this case, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has covered a few, since it offers us an advanced technology that goes beyond a simple mobile phone.. Excelsior Pass has firm opinions on the matter.