Sales Motivation

Most often at the level of debt is the founder, but sometimes he manages to create a team of associates. At the highest level of “motivation scale” man possesses and the other three steps, but they are below. Level of “personal achievement” – a very good motivation. Officer plays. With competitors, colleagues, with yourself. Thirst for the high of victory and progress motivates him every day is completely laid out and do the impossible. If a person is looking for a job close to home, or so as not to interfere with their studies at the institute, or that it could go to kindergarten for the child – this level of motivation related to personal gain, which he receives. If you pay low wages, it will not go away, but do for the company many can not. Talking about money is not much point, since this motivation developed in almost all companies. I want to warn only about one thing: if a person is motivated only by money will offer more, then he will go very quickly, you do not have time to even understand the real reason. Level of motivation can be defined at the stage of recruitment.

Of course, interested individuals motivates learning, because becoming more competent, they can no longer affect their work and earn more money. People who come to the company have the knowledge and ability at some particular level, for example, senior salesman. And to help this man grow up, for example, sales director, you should use a mentoring and training. But the need to train only the best. Example. Head goes to the department Sales and saw one person who actively communicates by telephone, bills, and obviously a lot of manufactures. Touch such an employee does not want – and suddenly evil eye! But if sitting next to clearly slacking seller – with them we will carry out the super-conversation. Managers’ attention is valuable. If we call for a man who is idle, and do not pay attention to those who worked hard, you’ll soon get worse. Summarizing, we can highlight the following tools to motivate staff: 1. Explore the opinions of people in the company, to conduct surveys of personnel, 2. Hire staff using the “Scale of motivation”, 3. Train 4. Pay more attention to efficient Pity the staff, but the “magic pill” no. Do not forget that the creation of the team – this is an ongoing process. It is impossible to make a decision to build a team and then never again does not do so. You have to create it literally every minute of his life. It’s like a marriage: if you do not create the relationship permanently, they come to naught.