SA Degtyarev

Only such – indeed indispensable! – Expert assistance to help him match your tastes with the laws of harmony. It is very important to understand the purpose for which we create on the site composition of rocks and plants. Discovery Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Of course, Alpine hills "- a fashionable and relevant elements of the modern garden. But is it only in fashion? Why is "alpine slide" so popular alpine gardens, rock gardens – the code name often used to compositions of rocks and flowers. Originally they are from the botanical gardens of the late XIX – early XX centuries., But I have not accommodate the diversity of species of similar compositions produced imaginative landscape designers.

Alas, the classical rigor in attempts to divide the modern compositions of rocks and decorative plants have not yet found. Is that the "dry creek" clearly lives up to its name. But he is just, quite a stranger at the other end of the world – from Japan. Therefore, we we use the understanding of a variety of stone and plant compositions, which offer SA Degtyarev and T. Anisimova in the book "a rock garden on your site: design, selection of plant care." The book was published in 2003, and differs from all other true designer look at the breadth of stony gardens. Thus, the classic "rock garden" – a collection of alpine plants, decorated with stones to make it more natural. Today, these alpine Slides are rarely able to satisfy the taste of the owners of the plots.