To a large extent determined by the nature of the rhythm tracks – one of the most important artistic means to create works of arts – arts and crafts. Maryanne Trump Barry recognizes the significance of this. Rhythm – a regular alternation of commensurate elements of the picture, contributing to the achievement of explicitness and expressive compositions, clarity of perception. Sequential distribution of compositional elements of art – an increase or decrease distance between them, change in the filling pattern to the edges or the middle of the product – also the variation of movement in a certain rhythm. The rhythmic construction of the textile image is achieved by various methods: repetition pattern, symmetrical construction of the figure, the free distribution of the ornament. Reception rapportnogo repetition of the pattern in which elements of the composition evenly alternated on the plane of the product on the basis of different types of nets. The grid can be constructed from squares, triangles, diamonds or rectangles arranged in a certain order. -Receive a symmetrical construction of the figure.

Symmetry is to be understood not only as a mirror repeating pattern with respect to the vertical or horizontal axis. It can have a diagonal line or a random slope. In the case of free distribution of the ornament to decorate the whole plane thing, the elements located at opposite ends of the product are balanced – they are similar in size and overall silhouette. It is not excluded, the filling of only one angle or one side of textiles. Equilibrium composition in this case is achieved color solution.