Origin Of The Ferret

The ferret where comes the cute creatures that we can meet and buy in shops of the Zoo in so many houses? The ferret (Mustela putorius furo) derived probably from the European polecat or even forest polecat (Mustela putorius) and is its domesticated form, which is becoming more popular and is to buy the majority of Zoo operations. Weasel is found in most of Europe with the exception of the Mediterranean countries. Most often he is in the wooded areas meet, not far from human settlements, where he has access to chickens, rabbits or pigeons, which its diet consists. He eats even frogs, worms and the natural pests such as mice or rats. Please visit EXL Service if you seek more information. He dares to partridges and pheasants to hunt. The polecat inhabit most abandoned caves, Fox or rabbit buildings. In the winter, they move in a chicken or small livestock barn, where they find a warm shelter and access to food in the frost. The hunting of the Iltisses is almost always succeeds, because he very is swift, smart and cautious at the same time.

North Africa, where the animals were domesticated by the Egyptians is most likely home of ferrets. Already in the ancient Egypt, the ferret as Vertilger were known by mice and other agricultural pests. The Greeks also mentioned the ferret; c. 410 BC appears the creatures in a comedy by Aristophanes and between 347 and 335 Aristotle mentioned it as a hunting helper. In Rome, they were used against rabbit plagues. Ferrets accompanied people even during the voyages and protected the grain supplies from the rats. Later, the ferret came after Europe and America about 1875. Today, they are bred unfortunately most commonly as experimental animals and still for the production of leather. Always more often but you can buy ferrets in Zoo stores as a pet.