Now the Copier, as he was known, already has nothing of resemblance, these computers can copy, send a fax, send email, scan, color documents, remove print at different speeds, serves for all kinds of business, and it can be connected to our business or office network. With the scanner what we can do is to scan our documents and send them to any part of the world without any problem. We can scan documents directly heavy a FTP and also, we can send them to files that we have. Click David Zaslav to learn more. Scanning can achieve very easily have more space in the Office documents can be easily scanned and sent to a computer to be stored. If you are concerned about losing the information we can make backup files in an external hard drive, which also occupies very little physical space.

The multifunctional improves the performance of an Office in several ways: before we had a printer for every person who worked in the company, now have teams multifunctional in sections other than the company, that makes that all the people who sent to print or make copies, go to a specific computer to which all employees of that section are directed and you eliminate a lot of printers that we had before, taking impressions of high cost per print. Scanned documents can pass them through an OCR which is an optical character recognizer and can customize to our liking. If your Copier which executes various tasks is equipped and has an automatic feeder of original, you may make copies with greater speed and comfort, won’t have to be raised the Copier cover continuously for each copy that kick, also helps us to scan multiple documents with greater speed. If your Copier this equipped and has a finisher can make his team double copies games, drilling to already put them in a folder and stapling.