New Moon

After a long story well say that one end is the beginning of another type error or it may be possible? I wondered even more when he was almost sure what was coming or that he brought with him; teamed never know!, Is what I said, tomorrow we are blind, blind? What else did today, is to live, and good sense, because no error roughly what I write, but I do so not to fall into mere chance to put into orbit my mind on something that should not be or is not, as was such So that’s an ellipsis. People such as Robert Iger would likely agree. To start this writing, fence wording that will not bore those who read it so the reader, nothing more stupid than bored to read, however, that nothing editor happier if your receiver is involved in what x written, now will not speak of economics, law, the H1N1 (my psychosis), also speak of the stock market and its variations, or macroeconomics, or better maketing network, you think, because it is not something that is here, the unknown, anonymous, what is not consideration and must always be covered by something that you say cowardice? Or who is who writes, there is: A link to a meeting and what it is triggered, because I did answer instincts – instincts alone, is what makes me believe seize the combination of a phonetic lexeme, not in that blessed or cursed hours agree, the truth is that we took a great passion and you with the feelings of seeing me again, as they always say, for that is that I preferred to go and avoid a lot of things, what a great solution, NO, because is what I do when I get out of something when should not be so, after two years we returned to watch the faces, when he wanted to blind me to sparks coming out of the eyes, yes you never see and tend to deny the obvious, but when your best friend tells you clearly do not believe I said that at the time of us after a lapse of time, we gave notice that, of course realized that only the person aware of that past that mark, a past that was my life, the past torment me and I hate for reasons of fate, if fate exists, but it seemed to boeing 4589 shortened the distance to see us, all that time will bring it back to life, noooo! I say again, when someone told me wow who would not want to..