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The depression is a medical disease that implies the mind and the body. It is a chronic disease that usually requires long term treatment, like the diabetes or high arterial pressure. The majority of the people with depression feels better with the medication, psychological advising and the natural medicine. The symptoms According to the American Association of Psychiatry, a person can diagnose itself like depressive if she presents/displays at least 5 of the 8 following symptoms: – Much or little appetite with increase or loss of weight – Insomnia or hypersomnia. – Physical Hiperactividad or apathy. – Incapacity to experiment to please social or sexual. – Little energy; weakness. – Deep, lacking Sadness of self-esteem or sense of fault without reason.

– Difficulty of concentration or reflection. – Desires to die. Click Robert A. Iger to learn more. The depression is not generally a disease that can be tried by its account. You can help yourself to itself: 1-Fulfill with its plan of treatment. (Sessions of psycotherapy or appointments, medecines). 2-Learn about his condition, it can motivate it to this to fulfill its plan of treatment. 3-Work with its doctor or therapist to learn what could trigger its symptoms of depression.

His doctor or therapist communicates with if he notices any change in the symptoms or how he feels. The family members of or friendly asks to help to see the warning signals. 4-Do exercise. It considers the possibility of walking, of trotar, of swimming, the gardening or the beginning of another activity that it likes. 5-Avoid the alcohol and the illicit drugs. It can seem like the alcohol or drugs to diminish the depression symptoms, but in the long term generally, they make worse the symptoms and they cause that the depression is more difficult to try. 6 – It sleeps the sufficient thing. It is especially important when you are depressed. 7-Limit or avoids caffein (the coffee) what it would help him to improve his mood.

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