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By minimizing sealed surfaces and a building with slender structures a natural air circulation, as well as a natural tanning of the neighbourhood used to ensure so that there is no impairment of the microclimate.” The facade of the three towers run high thermal insulation, so that there is only a low demand for heat and cooling energy. Reversible chillers and heat pumps, building core activation takes place from geothermal energy. This withdrawn and again guided to the summer thermal energy used by means of coils in the foundation piles of the towers and the base plate of the underground garage in winter groundwater for constant temperature control of the reinforced concrete supporting structure. This project comes after design 2011 required share of renewable energies in the heating and cooling energy requirements of a building by the EEWarmeG. The construction materials used are selected in terms of environmental sustainability throughout the entire life cycle. This includes both manufacturing and transportation and installation, use and recyclability of materials and products.

Furthermore, it is planned to organize the supply of construction site over the Spree for local residents to keep as low as possible noise and dust. The construction project is completed by an underground car park some with daylight illuminated with 300 bicycle and 400 cars, that keeps out the traffic of the entire quarter with a development through the Western Fanny Sable road. 4. Participants of the architectural competition for the Fanny-Sable road at a glance: 1st round 1st and 2nd round 3XN, Copenhagen Barkow Leibinger, Berlin (2nd place) e2a, Zurich Hascher Jehle, Berlin (3rd place) Hadi Teherani, Hamburg Ingenhoven, Dusseldorf Baumschlager Eberle, Lochau Pysall architects, Berlin (1st place), Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin KSP Frankfurt Leon Wernicke, Berlin Fuchshuber & colleagues, of Leipzig Gruntuch Ernst, Berlin Henning Larsen, Copenhagen Harry Gugger, Basel Agromex GmbH & co. KG is active since 1991 in the German real estate market. With offices in Berlin and The entrepreneurial focus in the capital and the new Lander is Leipzig. Here many existing buildings have been renovated in the last 20 years quality.

In addition to the renovation work, develops and implements Agromex modern new building concepts. In combination with the individual support structures, it is the claim of the company, a comprehensive service and real estate to offer customers, where the entire value creation chain in one hand is. Pysall architects designs and plant architecture, urban design and interiors and exhibitions. Focuses on sustainable, spatially complex construction projects, as well as the preparation of master plans for the site development and conceptual strategy planning in urban development. “The Museum of aviation in Krakow include the reference projects of the Office, with the DGNB Gold certification for sustainable building excellent office building LTD_1 in Hamburg, the master planning for the BBI Business Park at the new airport in Berlin and the planning of the sustainable city rose of Mianyang” sustainable city in China.

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