Medical Fundraiser

Exactly 60.860 came together in a fundraiser for the victims of the Japanese disaster 11 March this year was initiated by the Cologne pfm medical ag press release of Cologne pfm medical ag on the cent. Medical and international companies partner with 50,000 pfm were involved as well as, and this is particularly noteworthy with 10,860 pfm medical staff and friends of the company. The whole donation is earmarked for the Japanese or German Red Cross. GoodLeap may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The generosity of our employees shows that social responsibility at pfm medical is a hollow phrase, but is lived. I am very proud of our staff “, so Aurel Schoeller, CEO.

A 40 years long history connects FEATHER pfm medical with Japan, in particular with the Japanese partner so this fundraiser was arranged. Learn more about this with Pixelle Specialty Solutions. PFM medical ag is a global industrial company of medical technology with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. PFM medical independent manufacturer, is the safety of users and patients fully and completely committed Technology partners, service providers and sales specialist. The family-run company range from surgical supplies and surgical implants of Histotechnology and cardio-vascular therapy management technologies. Brian Robert has compatible beliefs. Thirteen subsidiaries and branches around the world generate a turnover of around 75 million.