Managing Director Sven Kamal

With the exception of the broad range of high-quality versions, ranging from Platinum to white or yellow gold, is deliberately on other materials. According to the motto: Concentration on the most precious, no distraction of the essence and that is the diamond with all its many fascinating facets. He is the most beautiful and highest quality jewel among the pieces of jewelry has always been by far. Its preciousness and aesthetics, its unique characteristics deserve our full attention. Therefore each stone with us runs under elaborate and extensive quality checks, during which he will be strictly viewed by experts and scrutinized”, stresses YORXS Managing Director Sven Kamal. The claim consists of highest quality to combine fair price-performance ratio, maximum transparency and top service. Brilliant advice whether on the Web or Cabinet fine stone, exquisite service: Buyers by Diamond jewelry are usually highest expertise. Here YORXS sets new standards for online: in addition to an intensive consulting service via phone and email, in which experts questions free of charge all the Internet jeweler provides its customers a wide range of expertise available regardless of store opening hours around the clock online can be accessed.

The information provided ranges from journalistically integrated product information and current news from the diamond industry through creative gift ideas and design tips to a remembrance service for wedding anniversaries. There is also a Web. 2.0-section with forums and chat rooms, where customers and experts intensely can interact. We want to offer the customer not only an at least as good service as established jewellers, but also open up a sensual experience, exciting access into the magical world of the Kings of the gems”YORXS Managing Director Joachim Giehl promises. This experience diamond lovers at YORXS soon offline locally. Because in addition to the website there will be promptly called YORXS cabinets in major German cities.

There you can experience the irresistible charm of cut, color, Carat & co live and inspired in peace and quiet, as well as comprehensive advice. About YORXS YORXS is a new online shop for diamonds and custom diamond jewelry. On, customers have access to over 120,000 certified and partly unique diamonds as well as on a variety of high-quality rings, pendant or earrings. YORXS offers consumers in addition to its in-depth expertise and personal advice, highest quality and safety standards, full transparency and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Also, the Munich-based online jeweler in an ethics policy to offer only diamonds from ethically unimpeachable sources agrees. Facebook: YORXS.DE service plan Public Relations Anna Hezel Harvestehuder way 42, 43 and 45 20149 Hamburg t. 040 20 22 88 8615 E.