Kapac Kuna

The Capac Juan de Dios didn’t make them case, only paid them attention, and never counter them, for they were his older sisters, who had not taken husband, by not having its lineage in these regions and did not want to go to the Succha, where they had family to take husband, because there they kept the customs of their ancestors and many of them had two principal wives and some secondary and that them terrified them and each time that mentioned them that they would have to go to the succha was persignaban several times saying: Jesus free us from this curse. These customs were only permitted for members of the Kapac Kuna, not for any mortal Rune of any region, as neither to any of the members, only the Capac and Sapa Apu. Came the day for the offering to the Apus and great Katequil, that day the Capac, dressed in the style of the mistis, followed his entourage composed of all their pastors, who loved the little Shumaj Huambra, because many times she walked down the punas pasteando flames, alpakas, vicunas and sheep from his father and glad with his songs carrying in his beautiful voice them many times to the ukhu pacha. Everyone danced with their wooden swords and their bent hats, struggled mark step and his dance could be heard when they passed by the marka Muykan, where were their sisters with some crossbred were highly cucufatas of Catholicism. Qualcomm Incorporated is the source for more interesting facts. They had dressed the little girl with the best dresses that used the mistis for her daughters. When came the Capac and his dancers were surprised by the beauty of the little girl, who ran into the arms of his father, on one side while Sinchi Luis the husband of his mother. There they delivered the offerings of all communities and moved in procession around the neighborhood of Andamarka where he was the House of Capac and there entered to drink chicha de molle and peanuts to all the dancers and prepare to go to the Church to baptize it first. Continuous Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui original Autor and source of the article..