Familienblues – In Simple Language

The family under the microscope for Christmas. The family sits together in the living room and looks at a festively decorated tree. It smells of candles, spices and tangerines. The children look forward to their gifts. And all mention of themselves.

A familiar scenario? Maybe. Family life gives us many great moments, but also sometimes leads to resentment and disputes. As the saying is so true: what love is, it teases out! In her novel family blues, Yvonne Kroonenberg examines identifiable figures as we our families perceive. What do we love each other, What irritates us? We deal in its history with some typical characters: an uncle who tells constantly bad jokes, an eternally jealous sister, or a mother who unasked stick their nose into everyone’s Affairs. Yvonne Kroonenberg describes the family as follows: it is the families-Blues. Sure, you know that feeling. You have parents, brothers and sisters.

And you feel connected with them. Forever. No matter what you feel for them. No matter, how you think about it. You can end friendships. A non-blood kinship. Read for all the fun on the reading Publisher now publishes this special book in simple language. So, it can read also the 20 million people in Germany who otherwise would have difficulties to. For them, the fun on the reading Publisher develops easy-to-understand books. Reading is one of the most important skills in a knowledge-based society. Because reading is the key for self-determined learning. And also in the professional and private life, we use constantly written language. Publisher Managing Director Ralf Beekveldt: difficult language excludes many people. We want to reduce this barrier. Simple language for 20 million people is the only way to be able to read books and newspapers. And it helps everyone to understand texts.” And with a wink, he adds: I’m Dutch. German is not my native language. So I’m my own reader.” Yvonne Kroonenberg Yvonne Kroonenberg (born 1950) is Dutch and psychologist. Her parents were Jewish origins and her grandparents were maternal in the gas chambers of the second world war to life. in 1981, Yvonne Kroonenberg begins to write columns for various newspapers and magazines. Later she is dedicated to only the writing of books. Again, as an advocate of feminism, she analyzed the dynamics between men and women. She is known for her sharp, but also hurmorvollen writing style. Book details: The families-Blues from Yvonne Kroonenberg. Translation in simple German Bettina Stoll. Fun on the reading Publisher of 2013 ISBN: 978-3-944668-01-7 price: 8,00 EUR available from 18 December 2013 under,,, as well as on order in bookstores. More information: for a review copy, please contact: Mr. Sonke Stiller phone 0251 / 39 65 30 99 E-Mail: facts and figures about functional illiteracy and reading disabilities, visit the site of fun am Reading Publishing House. About the fun on the reading Publisher, the name is program: under the motto “Reading for all”, the publishing house publishes books and messages in simple language. The target group are young people and adults with low reading skills and people who learn German as a foreign language. With two newspapers and a growing programme of book, the fun on the reading Publisher is the only special publishing house for easy-to-understand language in the German-speaking countries. Also an agency for simple language belongs to the Publisher. It simplifies Web pages, forms, letters, election programmes and other texts in the sales order. In addition, their customers advises how one can communicate intelligible.