Exclusive Baby Goods

The new Internet shop nellchen.de offers a variety of high-quality baby bedding and baby bedding under the motto quality and exclusivity at top prices “we offer Nellchen on the Internet page high quality baby bedding products under the brand name. The offer includes luxurious baby bedding and matching baby bedding (bumper and bed canopies bed bags). All products are produced in your own elegant style and comply with the demanding tastes of our customers. Elaborate lace and fine embroideries are a feature of all Nellchen products. All our products are designed by our own, dedicated design team. This is constantly on the lookout for new patterns in the elaboration of new models and works continuously to the permanent improvement of existing models. All our products are delivered in Europe manufactures and meet highest quality standards. Due to the proximity to the high-quality raw materials and the production, we can therefore the quality on all production and Processing stages even control”, said Jan Richter, responsible project manager for the Nellchen product line.

And we do that. “The Nellchen team has many loyal partners who help to continuously develop the entire project. We work we with a number of established together businesses which specially for us locally produce the fabric and color “, continue to judge. Despite orientation of product design and processing in the premium segment, the baby bedding by Nellchen also for people with middle incomes are affordable and are therefore ideal as gifts to the birth, as well as to the baptism. Our goal is to offer beautiful precious baby bedding at attractive prices”, said Jan Richter. Baby bedding resonate high, who want to give their babies a good and healthy sleep so by Nellchen thanks to their tasteful design and top quality especially in expectant mothers. Jan Richter.