Entrepreneurial Activity

In essence, the self-regulatory organization – the same that the West European workshop, bringing together workers in the same occupation (trade union). See more detailed opinions by reading what Anthony Joseph Scirica offers on the topic.. Each workshop required of its members of certain professional knowledge and skills compliance with professional standards, drew up the requirements for professional qualifications (regulation), and monitored the implementation of these requirements and protects the rights of its members in front of others. These functions operates and SROs in construction. Concentration of professionals in the organization allows them to regulate their activities on the basis of legislation. Given the slowness and conservatism, objectivity inherent in state apparatus, as well as unbiased as alienation of public servants on the subject and scope of regulation, namely SROs are better able competently and efficiently regulate the relationship both between professional actors, and between professionals and their clients, as well as to monitor compliance with existing regulations. In the system of relations between entities in the construction of sro is place a kind of intermediary between state authorities and professional traders and their customers. On the one hand, self-regulatory organization – a representative and representative of the interests of professional participants to the state, with another – a qualified agent of the state as a universal regulator.

Objectively, this position allows the use of cpo in the building as a tool for harmonizing the wishes and interests of businesses to the will state. Instrumental approach to sro and should be used when considering the purpose of such organizations. Business activity, where the creation of SROs is possible and necessary: Building operations (SRO in construction); professional activities in the securities market; banking; insurance activities; activities of investment funds; management activities investment funds and mutual funds; non-government pensions; financial rent (leasing); organizing and conducting lotteries; auditing activities. For development self-regulation requires the development and adoption of the federal law 'On the self-regulatory organizations', which should be fixed basis of the legal provisions of sro in the building as a special type of non-profit organizations, particularly the order of their creation and destruction, formation and powers of their organs. Perhaps, for testing the legal mechanism of self-regulation appropriate to narrow the scope of such law to the level of the construction market, creating a sro in the building, taking the federal law 'On the self-regulatory organization of the construction services market. "