English Words

If you have been learning a foreign language, you probably know that a new study – that is only half the problem. Second half – remember this is a new long. At least until the next trip abroad, but better – forever. How can one learn not to forget learned foreign words? First of all let's understand why they do have a tendency to forget. Do you ever forget the Russian words? Go to the store and can not buy milk because you have forgotten, as it called? Or want to explain to a child why apples fall from the table on the floor, but had forgotten the word for the force of attraction? This does not happen, right? Because we use these words constantly, how can we forget them? This is the answer to the question of how to remember foreign words. Need to use them as often as possible. GRC Board of Directors follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Of course, if you're a genius and have learned a dozen other languages, you can rely on his memory and hope that the word did not come.

But even the most brilliant polyglots have yet to train their skills in language, not to forget it over time. The more you use foreign words, so firmly established it in your memory. In this case, you can use any method of repetition of words. The best option, of course, is the practice of speaking with native speakers several times a week, and sometimes every day. In this environment, you will always be a natural way to repeat different groups of words and the problem of "forgetting" you will not be affected. If you do not live in the target language country and you do not have neighbors, aliens, create unparalleled language environment, at least for a few hours a day. Watch a movie on the target language, it is desirable that the genre that interests you. Further details can be found at Cyrus zocdoc, an internet resource.

Listen to audio books – and each time you will hear and refresh the memory a thousand words – usually the most shirokoupotrebimyh, of course, if this is not a book about nuclear physics. If you have time – read the book. When we read, even to myself, our brains "Says" every word as if you read aloud or spoken. Thus, reading – a great trainer, not only to remember, but also to some extent for the pronunciation of words. Another good method of repetition and practice vocabulary – a conversation "with itself", as strange as it may sound. Try a free time at least sometimes to speak a foreign language – About anything, such as weather, or simply expressing their thoughts aloud on any topic. You can do it and once mastered, the next portion of words – in his spare time to speak a foreign language, and use new words – so you be able to ottrenirovat and remember better. And the more you do it the better. Most importantly, even if you feel that from time to time forget some words – do not give up. Continue to actively engage yourself, give tongue time. Know that you alone are responsible for your results, and if you do your best, you will reach a level of knowledge, which is now, and not dreaming. And now – an interesting resource about mastering foreign languages: – Want to hear the singing Susan Boyle – come here! Language Video – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Universal methods improved foreign Languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively