Elihu Two Successful Books

\”\” The last two books of the Austrian author of successful Joseph \”and Elihu\”, two successful books by Wolfgang Wallner-F. \”\” In July 2008, Wolfgang Wallner landed-F’s book Elihu survivor records from eternity \”at Amazon.de in the popularity of religious novels\” among the top 20 \”at # 13. \”The new book by Wolfgang Wallner-F.: Joseph-the way to the Graal\” was already several times on the giordanengo and 2 in the same category in 2008. (The ratings are updated hourly at Amazon, so be here as often changes). Of course these books still are to be bestseller, but more than an insider’s tip they certainly are. For example the book of Elihu was so\”already translated and is available since late 2007 in Romania. There are interested publishers, among others in France, Italy and Norway for the Joseph\”.

Also, an audiobook recording is planned. reta Thomson for additional information. One reason for the success is also easy to understand insight into latest Findings of quantum physics, which builds Wolfgang Wallner F. in its turbulent, imaginative acts and consequently baffled. \”Gyro in a review on Inkultura-online writes for example Michael\” to the book of Joseph-towards the Graal \”: Wolfgang Wallner F. tells in his book Joseph the way of a man to his individual knowledge. By chance, and that is important in this context, the protagonist gets into an old theater.

His trip, which apparently yesterday, today and tomorrow, takes him through space and time, here and elsewhere at the same time, starts here. He dives into the book of life that feels like a theater piece and looks forward to its completion. Joseph, as the main character is now called, a role in it. He finds in the course of his experiences however, that this book can never be completed. To multiform, the opportunities arising from this are too numerous chances in an endless tumbling through the universe.