Dress Right To Your Interview

It takes between seven and seventeen seconds for a person to make an impression on us and much of that impression is based on how we look. It stands to reason then that we took him to job interviews will have a far greater impact on success than anything else we are willing to say again that the first crucial seconds have passed. Dressing for work If you are applying for a job as a sales assistant at a fashion store in a hip part of town, what you wear will have to be very different as it would to be interviewed for a job as personal assistant to a lawyer. By using what you think would work if offered the job, you are in silence, saying he understands the position you are applying and has the skills to meet company expectations. If you are applying for a job where he would be wearing a uniform, think about the type of uniform that you would be likely to wear. Is it very casual, as in the mono shape to a car mechanic? Is it smart casual, so often used by couriers and delivery? Is it wise, as the type of uniform worn by employees of the bank or maybe a hotel doorman? Choose your wardrobe to reflect the uniform. Men: Casual – Clean, pressed jeans with a shirt or sweat top Smart Casual – Casual pants with a cotton shirt and jacket Smart – A costume Women: Casual – Clean, pressed jeans with a casual top Smart Casual – Pants or casual skirt with a blouse Smart – A pant or skirt suit with a stylish blouse These are only guidelines – always use common sense when deciding what to wear. A job interview for a position in a trendy nightclub that demand for something very different to what would make ACE an interview for a job as a supervisor in a biscuit factory, though the two suggest jobs that use ‘ Smart Casual ‘.

Men Accessories: Never wear makeup unless you are applying for a job that male cosmetics are generally accepted (clubs and restaurants / shops, etc) Jewelry should be kept to a minimum. If you wear an earring, make it a small stud. Leave heavy chains and large rings in the home and replace them with something less intrusive. You may like the message of these articles of jewelry to give, but chances are your interviewer does not track never wear shoes, even if you are dressed casually Women: Subtle make few, well chosen pieces of jewelry. Studs in the ears, a delicate chain around the neck and 1-2 rings are enough.

Unless you need a big bag to carry a purse or similar, stick with a small bag Heels should be low Toiletry While the job search is important to: Make your style short hair regularly and keep nails trimmed Use clean deodorant Use a very mild perfume / aftershave, where men must be clean Shave or were in a well-trimmed beard. Following these tips will giving yourself a greater chance of success in getting the job you want. Remember, seven to seventeen seconds is all you have to do that all-important first impression.