Dairy Foods

Milk is a unique, specific product of animals belonging to the class of mammals. This food was created in nature to nurture to the newborn in the first stage of his life, whose physiology is still under development. Therefore, milk is the only one who can provide you with the nutrients and other essential factors that allow you to successfully survive in this first stage. Chad Wallach has plenty of information regarding this issue. Therefore to comply with this objective, the milk must contain everything you need and more than you have done so! The newly born receives it all what required. Glenn Dubin understood the implications. It is widely accepted that milk must be component of the diet of people of all ages due to its nutritional properties. It is difficult to meet all the nutrients needed for a person if you don’t include dairy products in your diet. This reason would be sufficient to consume them.

On the other hand, for some time, long-term observations have associated health benefits of humans with the consumption of dairy products. Fortunately recent studies carried out in several countries prestigious institutions, have demonstrated scientifically beneficial factors for health found in milk and in many cases has been achieved completely identify. These findings are published increasingly frequently in scientific journals and the list of benefits is greater. These are very good news that we must exploit to increase your chances of staying healthy. There is documented evidence that some factors present in milk have a significant preventive effect against the following anomalies, listed in alphabetical order: arthritis, CANCER, type 2 DIABETES, hypertension, INSOMNIA, obesity, OSTEOPOROSIS, cardiovascular disorders, GENERAL health. It is important to mention that there is not 100% in biology. I.e., for example, if a person consumes milk products every day does not 100% that will not suffer from cancer or insomnia, but the odds that these not is present are significantly higher than in people who do not consume them.

We will end by mentioning that the ideal is that we consume at least three servings of dairy products a day. A ration can be a glass of milk, a piece of cheese the size of a wallet, a yoghurt, etc. DON’T LET GO THIS OPPORTUNITY TO FEED OURSELVES WELL AND STAYING HEALTHY! In addition, enjoy, dairy products, they are delicious. Original author and source of the article.