Company Formation

Company formation is more than holiday destination abroad such as in Cyprus as a holding company in Cyprus (English “Cyprus”) actually known and less as a business location. The Republic of Cyprus is inhabited in the majority Greek Cypriots. Greek is the official language, but English is the second language and widely disseminated. Due to the English, which ended in 1960, has Cyprus of professionals of English speaking an excellent class, many with training in England. The laws and the management is based on the English laws and practices.

The Republic of Cyprus was taken on the 1.5.2004 in the European Union, and will be in the year 2007 the EU became a full member. Cyprus is the lowest corporate taxation of across the EU may have about 10%. Cyprus is also no corporate tax on dividends rise by companies, which non-residents include. Perhaps check out rusty holzer for more information. This makes for a very interesting site Cyprus to start a company from abroad such as holding or trading company. As a provider of company formation in Cyprus is the German Company ems Unternehmensberatung GmbH & co. KG potential company founders like to page.