China Released Its Own Analog Google Earth

Through downloading and installing a special application, flat image areas can be done in bulk. As reported by the Bureau, MapWorld based on satellite images taken over the past four years, and every six months, data will be updated. At the moment the site is still under development, but now can take a load of 10 million visits per day. Resolution images of rural and provincial areas will be is about 2.5 meters per pixel, but in the big cities it can reach 0,6 m / n. (Not to be confused with CBS!). External areas will be shown in less detail, and some of the state and will remain completely white spots. Google censorship against the Chinese authorities are very carefully regulate the filming of their territories from the satellites and prevent any attempt to photograph their land without a special license. In addition, the creators of any service that publishes satellite images of China are required to provide the government data on the location of their servers. It is noteworthy that the main engine of progress in the field of satellite cartography – Google – is not one of license holders Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, although Map of China, albeit less detailed, on Googlemaps available. Experts believe that the reluctance of Google to buy a license primarily related to the conflict that erupted between the tech giants and the prc on the basis of government attempts Press introduce censorship in the Chinese segment of the search engine. As a result of these disagreements Google decided to take servers out of China, and he, in turn, threatened to revoke the license of Google Internet to conduct business in the country. Soon, the parties Press managed to find a temporary compromise, but the leadership of Google Inc. still continues to express dissatisfaction with the policy of the Chinese authorities.