Bulgarian Traditional Medicine

Outside influence on the development of traditional medicine in Bulgaria over the centuries Ottoman rule was Arab or Byzantine origin. Arab and Byzantine medicine in those days, in many ways been more progressive, more realistic, less covered mysticism and superstition. And, as Bulgarian folk medicine, among other things as traditional medicine in general, relied in its practice primarily on the use of medicinal plants of forces, it provides rich material for research in this area. For the information that is now in our medicine, we must therefore only prudent for the Bulgarians – rodolyubtsam as P. To broaden your perception, visit Robert Iger . R. Slaveykov, Neophyte Rilski, St.

George Mihalache, E. Sprostranov, Tsani Ginchi, A. Yavashov, G. Follow others, such as Robert Iger , and add to your knowledge base. Golemanov, Art. Stamboli, Yves. Bogor, doctors Vatevu S., S. Petkova, who in the early years after Liberation collect and publish (mostly in the collections of folk umotvoreny, science and literature) genuine fresh material on the Bulgarian folk medicine, taken directly from the words of folk healer.

With a sense of gratitude to note the positive work in this respect that conducted a teacher of natural history at the gymnasium in the town of Gabrovo – Iavel Yovchev and Vasil Neyche, P. Noah, Eve. Karamitrev, Yves. Urums, B. Akhtar, Peter Dimka. Later, collecting materials for medicinal flora in Bulgaria are engaged and Bulgarian pharmacologists therapists Vladimir Alekseev and Peter Nikolov, botany – N. Arnaudov, Dhaka Jordanov, B. Kitanov, pharmacists – P. economia, A. Boychin, as amended Stoyanov, historians of medicine – – Pavlova, A. Apostolov, V. Stefanov and others. In a cursory examination of empirical knowledge about medicinal properties of growing medicinal plants in Bulgaria, two examples that demonstrate the location of herbs in medicine Thracians.