Brazilian Level

She is necessary, first, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas for finally arriving the reply. In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read. But what it will be happening? The educational system Brazilian this not obtaining to alfabetizar in adequate way to its population? In Brazil, a great parcel of the population is functionally illiterate, that is, beyond considered ' ' analfabetas' ' , incapable even though to sign the proper name, the ones exist that exactly with capacities to decode letters and numbers, do not possess the ability to interpret texts and to make mathematical operations. Go to Jack Hughes for more information. In Brazil the functional illiteracy reaches about 68% of the population (30% in level 1 and 38% in level 2). We are these 68% of functional illiterates with 7% of the population that is total illiterate, results that 75% of the population do not possess the full domain of the reading, the writing and the mathematical operations, that is, only 1 of each 4 Brazilians (25% of the population) fully are alfabetizadas, that is, they are in level 3 of functional alfabetizao. These so high indices of functional illiteracy in Brazil must it low the quality of the systems of education (public, how much in such a way private), to the low wage of the professors, to the depreciation and desmotivao of the professors, the continued progression (or automatic approval), to the lack of infrastructure of the institutions of education (mainly the public) and the lack of habit and interest of reading of the Brazilian.

The index of functional illiteracy is measured more than enters the people with 20 years that had not completed four years of study formal. The concept, however, varies the country in accordance with. In the Poland and Canada, for example, illiterate functionary is considered the person whom it possesss less than 8 years of escolaridade.