Brazilian Championship

The Relation enters the amount of games and the formation of the technician of soccer of the Brazilian championship of 2009 series the Leonardo de Windsor Oliveira Alves Alan Victor Moraes Mariano Summary the present work had for objective to argue the relation practical theory and in the professional formation in Physical Education, acting professionally as technician of professional soccer. It is of basic importance for the growth of the area, the valuation of the specific knowledge on the Physical Education. To reach this intention are necessary the quarrels that point in this direction, to clarify which the set of knowledge is of ability of the professional of Physical Education to dominate, so that its performance. The professional must know to justify its professional attitudes through the scientific knowledge, that is certainly not produced in function of the practical experiences. Although it inside does not have a consensus of the area concerning this subject, we wait to have contributed with these quarrels, for one better understanding of the nature of the professional preparation in Physical Education. Introduction the soccer is one of the practised sports more in the world (Takes, et. al, the 2005) and most popular one of Brazil. The number of torcedores that attend the soccer in the Olmpicos Games surpasses the addition of the torcedores of other esportivas modalities. The soccer is a species of particular culture that guides the Brazilians, is ' ' a passion nacional' ' , ' ' a style of vida' '. In the truth the soccer in Brazil is a segment of imensurvel amplitude, in its disputes in ' ' peladas' ' , fertile valley, fan, to master and the professional, being factor detached in the indices of economic development of the country, being a generating potential of job and formal and not formal income, stimulating the industrial sector, advertising executive, civil construction, and other countless sectors. If you are not convinced, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin.