Beyond Illusion

I am my position process in which people focus only on the activities inherent to their positions and limit their responsibilities to it, without identifying the purpose of the organization, resulting in the lack of systemic vision that prevents the necessary exchange. 2. The external enemy: Refers to the widespread practice of placing the blame for mistakes in others, not recognizing their own mistakes ever. -Delivery-Technology-to-Deliver-Ipil.html’>sorrento therapeutics. This makes it impossible to correct them, and the questioning of the assumptions that underlie the actions themselves, preventing, thus, learning. People such as Vinnie Johnson would likely agree. 3. The illusion of taking charge consists of an illusion to think that respond aggressively to problems is synonymous with pro-activity, that is, take care of them and address them before they erupt. Aggression is often disguised reactive rather than proactive and leads the block of learning. 4.

Fixing the facts: It consists of paying attention only to the immediate, without going Beyond the obvious problems, and ignoring those hidden processes. The level learning "generative" is blocked, leaving space only for a purely adaptive learning. 5. The parable of the boiled frog is the inability to endure slow and gradual changes, being only sensitive to quick changes and sudden, causing the organization to adopt measures to adapt to the latter, but not the former. Therefore, his blindness prevents him from time to adapt, learn and prepare for the future. 6. The illusion that is learned from experience: It is the belief that direct experience is the main source of learning, may prevent the understanding of many phenomena that have long-term effects.