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It results in a longer service life for asphalt comparative cases under the same efforts. Additional information at Leslie Moonves supports this article. What is cellulosic fiber used in an asphalt mixture SMA Type? The hot asphalt tends to slip. Check out Robert A. Iger for additional information. To avoid this and keep it in the right place for the work that needs to be developed within an SMA asphalt mixture is used cellulose fiber. Even when it requires a very small amount of fiber to achieve its function (the order of 0.45%) is an important aspect for the proper use of the mixture. How much cellulose fiber is normally required, per cubic meter of mixture? Example: If a SMA mixture had a Loose Unit Weight of 1680 kg/m3, and the design indicate that requires a 0.45% cellulose fiber: 1.680 x 0.0045 = 7.56 kg. of fiber per m3 of mixture produced The fiber used is based on the weight of the mixture SMA Is it expensive to use an SMA asphalt pavement as folder? The initial cost of SMA mixture is greater than a conventional asphalt mix per cubic meter.

However, from a structural point of view, a SMA requires only 55% of the material would be required to conventional mixture to form a square meter of folder. This means that an SMA, per inch of thickness supports the same efforts for which a conventional asphalt needs 1.82 cm. thick. Example: Structurally a folder SMA 3.5 cm. thick, equivalent to a conventional asphalt folder of 6.4 cm. thick. Ie to 3.5 cm. GHS thick, has the same ability to withstand any traffic, that a conventional mix folder of 6.4 cm.

thick compact. Conclusion: Comparing the costs between the two types of folder (mixing conventional and SMA), we have: If the two mixtures being compared are of good quality in design, production and laying and stone materials are used and appropriate good asphalt proven quality, initial cost per square meter covered with pavement, is almost the same between the two types of folder, if one considers that the conventional will have a thickness greater than the folder SMA, with equal effort. But if we consider Comparative life factors, with a similar conservation work, from one folder SMA can be expected length of life far superior to that of a conventional folder. So if you consider the cost-benefit result of a lower cost, the folder type SMA, per year of service. Note: The thickness of a mixture of SMA, it is recommended that not more than 4 cm. compact in order to maintain an efficient transmission system efforts “stony skeleton.” The thickness of the mixture compact SMA, will depend on the maximum size of aggregate that is used in the project design sieve. A SMA mixture can be used as folder or another should always be placed on asphalt? A mixture SMA is used as a binder and may be placed on a good layer of base material is stabilized or not the latter. It can also be placed as a folder of contact with the traffic asphalt pavement whose surface is damaged, but not its structure.