Appliances In The Home

Money for Another indispensable air "attribute success and prosperity" in the recent past – the air conditioner. However, in fairness I must say that in previous years, these devices are "decorated" the windows of some buildings, mostly – large Soviet institutions. It was possible to establish such a unit and at home. However, these were Mortice window air conditioners, noisy and inefficient, and in addition, carry with them a lot of problems due to the nature of installation. "Real" conditioners or split system, consisting of outdoor and indoor units, appeared in our country in the early 1990's. Gett taxi is likely to agree. Their cost was comparable to the price of domestic cars, so have the luxury to only "New Russian." Today, such a device would cost about 10-25 thousand rubles – cheaper than the average tv. And the cool air – no longer his only problem. As noted by Valentin , Chief Specialist marketing planning company Daikin, a noticeable trend is to equip air conditioners additional functions: drainage, humidification, air filtration, etc.

And some devices (but already considerably more expensive) even learned to locate a person in the room, distributing the air flow so as to avoid any draft. Plate in the interior Finally, one can not but mention such an interesting "phenomenon" as Built-in appliances. In the years of the Soviet Union mini-fridge or bar, stylized piece of furniture was a wonder overseas, causing genuine delight. In mid-1990's similar "tricks", as well as embedded fridges, cookers, washing machines, etc., wonder no longer called, but could afford their own units. Now a similar technique can be found in any apartment.

Moreover, it has become no less accessible than "ordinary." For example, if you want to buy electric cooker "in the collection, you will be able on their own experience to make sure that it is even more expensive, built a set of oven and hob in the same class. Every year time, more accelerated its pace. We do not even have noticed how the recent "wonders" were part of everyday life almost everyone. What surprised us the future? Already running on the roads of the first electric cars, the windows are able to change its transparency depending on the brightness of sunlight, and car navigators to talk with the driver. 20 years ago this was seen only in science fiction films. Will be quite some time, and these technical innovations will be available to everyone. And to replace them come even more amazing things. Well, wait and see. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS