Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioning system maintains a given temperature regime in place, but it can additionally serve to maintain fresh air and humidity. The main types of air conditioners: window, portable and separate. For even more opinions, read materials from Robert Iger . Window. Window air conditioners are installed in the window opening or thin wall. The average power of 1.5 to 7 kW.

Some models of window air conditioners are working only on cooling, but there are models that work on the heating and cooling air. More sophisticated and expensive models are equipped with remote control. You may find that Joel and Ethan Coen can contribute to your knowledge. Dignity – simple installation and low price. Disadvantage – high noise levels. Cell. Mobile air conditioners are divided into two types: one-piece, and mobile. They require the elimination of the street a flexible hose or mobile split systems, indoor and outdoor units are connected with a flexible hose (it contains freon pipes and electrical wires).

The advantages of mobile air conditioners – do not require special mounting. The disadvantages are: – inconvenience output hoses – the need for a certain time to drain the condensate – a high price – high noise levels. Separate. These air-conditioners consist of two parts. The composition of the air conditioner includes: – the inner part, which contains a heat exchanger – the outer part of the fan, cables, and additional components. The noise level of air-conditioning is practically zero. But the cost of these air conditioners is high, and they are set by special teams of installers ….