A Picture Is Worth More Than Thousand Words

Never better than later. Perhaps would have been, as indicated by the title, better never than late to take a space to remind Che Guevara, the reference of the afternoon attends by parameter a new anniversary of his death and was never, perhaps attitude that was believed to be able to adopt, turning his cigar in the puddles of oblivion. The Inquisition. Already almost coming to the station over the two decades, questions and questioning raining down and impose new models. Among them, inquire into the sources that until just months ago they lit fascination with topics and characters, Che did not escape my inquisitorial process, it was in the courts of my own conscience I sentencie where his defeat. But I must confess, it is still difficult for the idea to oppose the magic of his beret and serious gesture. As benevolent executioner who denies his profession, I offer this basket of concepts in honor to his name. Incongruous and cluttered, perhaps as much as his true personal aesthetics.

Polysyndeton. The first element, clay, is expected the difficulty of delve into a life complex, intricate and full of travel, abrupt, with erosions and warts and intrasmisibles images and whole continents finest polysyndeton succumb of shame for its ineffectiveness, I take the audacity to abbreviate the highways and jump into the role. The oxymoron. Direct to the Foco, synonymous with failure. The true revolutionary theory of Che Guevara, powerhouse of frustrations framed from Tierra del Fuego to the South of Mexico. Wrongheaded belief that Frolics in a generator focus of combat, rather than generalized social uprisings. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA will not settle for partial explanations. Place a handful of men in a vanguard position. Surround them with a legitimizing aura.

Conceive society as tissue able to spread and extend a revolutionary idea. Skip the dialectic, no longer bathe in the same river, but multiply them. Speculation that without being Marxist – are palmaria demonstration of antimarxismo.