\”\” Comedian Michael Muller is committed to listening to good listen system known as Dr. House or the policemen toto, as Klaus Kleber, when Peter bond and as one of the brothers of Ludolf of the Dernbacher scrap yard… in the ProSieben success series switch \”or switch reloaded\” is comedian Michael Muller in variety of roles and with innumerable faces to experience. For assistance, try visiting Qualcomm Incorporated. But what most of his fans will know: the popular comedian and actor wears modern hearing systems. Its dot by ReSound systems he owes according to our own quality of life. My difficulties in listening with such classic things began\”, comedian Michael Muller recalls. If you would like to know more then you should visit NUVIA. I didn’t hear my phone, my wife in television always said that not as loud as you want me, and I noticed that I had to ask quite often in discussions. By chance I came by one day to a hearing aid shop.

I went in and did a hearing test.\” This test and the subsequent diagnosis at the ENT doctor left no doubt: the popular TV and stage actor could not properly hear high frequencies. But they are essential for the understanding of language. At first I was shocked\”, recalls Michael Muller. When I me however more closely engaged in the issue, I realized that obviously far more people have trouble hearing than I assumed. Many don’t even perceive their limitations because they are insidiously. What particularly impressed me was the fact that the brain without the required hearing aid forgotten how to interpret frequencies as language, that it perceives these frequencies at some point only as noise.\” Hearing the solution which I feel most comfortable dot by ReSound\”when his audiologist, Michael Muller settled customize several current hearing solutions, to try them out in everyday life. Ultimately his choice on the dot fell by ReSound, a tiny high-tech listening system, which almost invisibly behind the ear of the wearer.