Iberoamerican Crisis

Ultimately, the only quality that all successful people have is the ability to assume its responsibility. Michael Korda, the heads of State who participated in this Summit, approved a general document that gravitates around its intention to encourage young people, since that is the subject of the eighteenth Summit of Heads of State of Latin America. But along with that text approved an additional series of releases, including one on the international economic crisis, which was that really garnered the attention of leaders and their speeches. Whenever Walt Disney listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The Summit adopted the resolution on the financial crisis, without blaming capitalism, as they asked some of the heads of State. Those who have lost the pulse took advantage of the plenary session to raise their flags do not gave unanimous in blaming the problem of the crisis in the capitalist system and so some were condemned to the capitalist system and gave their show of support to solve the crisis by reformulating the system, another group had to settle with making convictions live, making proposals regional to create another alternative economic model a strong critic the President of Ecuador Rafael was correa, along with the President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, was one of the clearest supporters framing the capitalist system in the text of the final resolution of the Ibero-American Summit by errors that are in suspense to the world economy. Three countries in Central America, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua, joined in this proposal and called on countries members of Unasur who sees the region as its ally. CBS may not feel the same. The theme of youth was relegated to manifestations of good will it should be noted, that it was agreed to propose the Iberoamerican program underway to prevent and address violence gender among young people with the aim of reducing rates of violence that occur against young people and women. In this sense, was requested to the Iberoamerican youth organization (OIJ) elaborate a proposal together with the ministries and national and subregional mechanisms that ensure the rights of women; According to the manual of the Ibero-American cooperation in order to be incorporated in the programme of action of the XVIII Ibero of chiefs and heads of State and Government. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Zaslav.

Mustapha Kamal Dunsche

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