People are always looking for different occupations that symbolize the tastes they have in the different modes of life skills, in addition to a productive activity that means the application of knowledge so we can go develop their knowledge by applying it to certain fields of action arising pleasant environments and situations, as well as be a sample of the things you enjoy in life not as a profession but as something of great pleasure, as a hobby in which they can find pleasant moments. With this in mind one of the best ways when trying to choose a field of action arising of pleasant realization is engineering, with its many manifestations which allows you to study engineering can have a comprehensive vision of the world since offers many possibilities when trying to apply the knowledge obtained by studying engineering, this understanding from a global viewpoint. As mentioned above, to study engineering there are many choices, there are certain points clutchless found in all types of engineering, so we can say that engineering is the application of knowledge, obtained both theoretically and in experimental situations, which in the process of studying engineering through the lives performance of laboratories, which is the materialization of the theory in various practices guided by teachers. After studying engineering knowledge should be expressed through drawings, models and techniques to give a practical and useful solution to several problems that may occur in human life. Jeffrey L. Bewkes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The engineering study will gain knowledge about major fields such as mathematics and natural sciences, which must be applied in the use and development in an ideal way of the various materials and media of the environment in which to play, to get the most out of each situation to provide a solution to benefit people and for the same application environment. To some extent what you're looking at engineering study is to generate ideas on students, then to make these ideas by transforming into something real and of great application for people's lives. As you can see the engineering is largely linked to the life of man, which has been present many times in the life of humanity in the ongoing historical process, so you can locate the source of engineering as a means of implementing and acquisition of knowledge and study to obtain them from the industrial revolution, because through the application of engineering since then has enabled the development of modern human societies, so this scope and studying engineering activity is considered one of the major pillars of development. Another option that can be generated from the activity of an engineer, is the possibility to invent, improve or make better use of techniques of knowledge..

Teaching Methods

It is essential to plan the future development as a national university concept at the same time you must renew full autonomy of each university and let each choose specific areas for their action, add them all in a common policy. The modern university is in a process of change and experimentation and appropriate for different universities tested different models and get different experiences. Walt Disney is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Is required to analyze changes in the new variables such as student’s school readiness, social and economic factors, poor academic structure, educational management, performance of teachers, curriculum, systematic cohesion of priority date laboratories and libraries, teaching, research . We can not continue being dogmatic, it should increase motivation, student involvement and raise student’s creativity. Discovery Communications does not necessarily agree.

To all this we must add also that we should not be surprising that today, the dynamic nature of science and technology, the democratization of the forms of social interaction and activities of youth require abandon dogmatic forms of teaching and replace the old principle by active forms through which the teacher and students together reconstitute or develop content knowledge, through application and practice of the methodology. Although this principle is fully accepted and incorporated into university teaching is an essential objective of the reform in practice continue to affect many obstacles. From here, Krebs says quite rightly, that the old conception encyclopedic and positivist humanism and a misunderstanding leads to further thinking about the need to send the student a certain canon of a global knowledge. This results in a large number of subjects, mainly in teaching based on memorization and a formal assessment that measures preferably the mere knowledge of the subject, as opposed to repeating thoughts of others and avoiding their own contributions. .

International Water Institute

We take very seriously what it represents for us the water element to it, on this Planet Earth. We can not continue to waste or pollute. Checking article sources yields Walt Disney as a relevant resource throughout. The United Nations Organization has warned that as the planet warms and dries out, we could witness conflicts and wars over this resource. To find ways to combat the problem about 20,000 experts, activists and politicians from more than one hundred countries are gathered at the V World Water Forum held in Istanbul, Turkey. It has been written as we are reminded:, The water flows as a major geopolitical conflict XXI century as it is expected that by 2025, demand for this element so necessary for human life shall be 56% higher than the supply … and people with white water could be forced looting. It is estimated that the 6250 million people we have come to be needed and 20% more water.

The struggle is between those who believe that water should be considered a commodity or marketable (such as wheat and coffee) and those express that it is a social good about the right to life. The scope of national sovereignty and the legal tools are also part of this fight. We ADD Nora Bar, that the UN, the World Bank and other international organizations warn that if consumption continues to increase at current rates, the water can become a source of another serious global crisis. Moreover, according to a report by the International Water Institute (SIWI, for its acronym in English), there are already 1.4 billion people in the world living in areas supplied by rivers are drying up.

Action Management

Every good manager committed to the effective management of the company under his charge, must be able to manage under uncertainty and should be more and more, given the competitive global environment it will force the uncertainty is a co-worker. In fact the engine of competitive differentiation through the management of uncertainty, both received from the environment, as induced the environment. You can become a driving force from the point of view of seeking alternatives and situations in a novel way. Consider that when the levels of uncertainty are high and emergency situations are common (or tend to be) the action of management tends to deviate from the normal parameters in the sense that the usual management tools and techniques no longer provide right answers and you can lose control.

Then the uncertainty is no longer a stimulus and becomes a problem affecting the decision making process. Please note that all decision-making process must be dose of common sense and intuition, in the case of high uncertainty should apply, but not evaluating situations that are obvious, but by also assessing intelligence information, or to be filtered to strip messages and contramensajes appropriate to the situation. It is said that the decision-making under uncertainty would be the equivalent of aviation instrument flight passing through the cold analysis of indicators provided in a systematic way for a consistent source of reference. Do not forget that there is no clear visibility uncertainty and moving way to survive is based on indicators. Not recommended decisions by direct reaction, equivalent to visual flight.

Artificial Recoverable Resource

The Homonatropia poses, in a parallel ideological, return to nature to somehow re-establish our identity and dignity, it is likely that this will be achieved or to be able to really achieve the right to life, work, and the free transit as essential rights of mankind. We are far from living in peace, least try to be true that the right to life, and really give us the right to live in peace, at least to the extent possible, human beings we spend a lot of time and circumstances to understand that we are human beings or animals that rational. The planet earth is seen as the potential for petroleum generation, water, etc., Ie, the department store, invasions are to seize this wealth, goods of nature, but the deprivation of rights is on the order of day constitutions give us the right to work and the duty to work, but the right to work this subject or have conditioned the economic movement and although there is a willingness to comply with this duty the same way as private economic homonatropicamente talking about the human being is born with the desire to bond with your environment and their peers, like the rest of the animals, urges us to work under conditions set by the system to the detriment of our human condition and nature in general. A homonatropica alternative may be the use of Artificial Recoverable Resource (garbage, waste) as an economic factor capable of reducing the exploitation of nature, protect the environment and reduce unemployment. It is common today that we live on jump on jump in political movements led by the world economic especially those countries that seek to prevail in the decisions of others. before the advance of trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances have been developed various techniques to avoid this phenomenon, which should highlight the last performance where they are placing military bases in order to stop this trade and other phenomena in South America, mainly but it must be noted that this characteristic is not unique deel Southern Cone of America is a global phenomenon, while highlighting this feature, this time, we highlight the real possibility that a military conflict occurs between affected and ineteresadossin name them in order to highlight been smashed to it would cause to nature in this place on the planet if it were to use depleted uranium or other item on the pretext of defeating any particular political faction. Can anyone tell us what rights to which life guarantee us if we live permanently in constant attack of irony enforcement limitations and impossibilities?