Returning To Valencia

It is in that city where he suffers an accident that separates from active duty, why returns to his native Valencia, where after recovery is incorporated into the social and cultural life of it, being part of some of the most important societies and associations, while formalizing some associations along with some colleagues. Contact information is here: David Zaslav. The August 27, 1989 he married Ana Rodenas, a beautiful Valencian born in the beautiful town of Torrent. The fruit of love born of this marriage two daughters. Rocio, in 1992, which has already won three awards. And Gemma, born in 1995 and with great artistic concerns in the field of gymnastics and dance. Write novels, poetry, short stories, both in Castilian and Valencian, and has published works in both digital format and printed on paper, either alone or co-authored part of poems and other books. Following his literary preferences and building on their knowledge of computers, creates the Web LLVS, which over time would be destined to become one of the world’s Web pages concerning Valencia, in addition to offering numerous content in Castilian.

Then create your personal page in Castilian,. Participates in 2009 on radio, as radio talk shows tails, and Castalia TV presenting his book, In Sao Trellat i (the sayings valencia). He is a member of, The Association of Writers in Valencia (AELLVA) The Global Network of Writers in Spanish (remittances) The International Society of Authors (Sane Society) The Poets of the World Movement Chronology In 2000 created in the free server, Iespana, Web, Yes Valencian language property in 2002 acquired the domain gave rise to the page of the same name, Valenciana Llengua Yes (LLVS).

Dialogues Holistic Spirituality

On the path of freedom Introduction. Learn more about this topic with the insights from CBS. This work is not a finished text and meant to be a poor interpretation of the dialogues that Dr Ramon Gallegos Nava had with a holistic world personalities in an international environment, where different points of view converge with its own nuances and elements are incorporated in this task of constructing different ways of thinking and reasoning to come to raise concrete actions are aimed at finding the harmony between human beings and their environment. It is moreover interesting as holism is so vast and inclusive that sees things from a global view ratatouille analyzing the individual as a being with a conscience traspersonal integral and another vision of the world and universe. As Richard Fuller said entering and into the holistic education is to leave the darkness and into light. Holism is based on spirituality seen not as a religious aspect but as an internal process of inquiry autoconocimieto search of reality. Holism to be inclusive covering all areas of knowledge looking in all the harmony and this is where education plays an important role as viewed from a universal foresight that sees man as a spiritual individual and integral consciousness. Today our society is undergoing a series of problems that have affected the integrity of human beings and the deterioration of the environment, problems such as drug addiction, sex, violence, family breakdown etc. They have contributed greatly, but some people point to education as the cause and corrective. The Art of Teaching is a noble art, but in turn complex as described by Fernando Savater.

Studying Medicine

One of the cities most chosen by foreign students to study in Australia has always been the cosmopolitan city of Sydney. In it a variety of alternatives to the study of different sciences are offered at your National University, Catholic University, Charles Sturt, Macquarie, Western Sydney, Newcastle and the technological University. However many of the students who come to this city do to study medicine since the University of Sydney is one of the most prestigious in the world in that activity. Career in medicine course has a duration of four years but already from the first weeks of study it instills students attendance at hospitals to obtain necessary clinical practice. These activities are carried out in order to have a learning based on the real problems through the exercise with small groups where classes can occur more helpful for students. The first two years of study of medicine at the University of Sydney are therefore oriented to the practical and in contact with the patients without neglecting the theoretical aspects of learning. All attendances to hospitals are under the supervision of teachers under a structured programme which is running successfully for many years and for which this institution won the prestige that currently owns. For the past two years of career student is willing in a full-time hospital that deepen the knowledge acquired in theory to check if the base which is to purchased is strong enough to solve the problems of the patients. Finally the student becomes part of the hospital system and obtained permission to practice his profession not only in the country but the best institutions in the world.

Spanish Medicine

The doctors explain that one better planning of the needs of the sector would be a beginning to finalize with the collapse of the Spanish social security. Robert A. Iger often addresses the matter in his writings. There are voices that speak to maintain the operating rooms more hours open. With more turns and more teams of doctors to end the waiting lists. A greater number of places for the Medicine studies, assures the Conference Deans, will only take to a situation similar to the one of years 80, when creating more places of those than the system could absorb, new the professionals were led unemployment. The Spanish Medicine has the great prestige outside our borders. They are considered good professional preparations and with great abilities.

The one that are more places, and many of them in deprived centers, can devalue the title. Will be two types of doctors: those that accedes to study Medicine by own merits and those that do on the basis of the spending power of their parents, explain the Conference of Deans. The average pay of a doctor MIR of a Spanish public hospital is around the 1,109 Euros to the month, that can ascend to 1,500 or 1,900 according to the hours of guard who this does. A doctor of ambulatory, arrives at the 39,000 annual Euros; and something plus the doctors specialists of a hospital. Pays that are remote of other neighboring countries of Europe. For this reason, many Spanish professionals prefer to change of residence place and to have one better quality of personal and professional life.

France, Portugal, Great Britain, are some of the destinies chosen by the Spanish doctors. The European Union anticipates that Spain will lose in next the 15 years near 12,000 doctors. It will be necessary to face retirements, geographic mobility by better conditions of work and labor losses by the pressure with which they work. In Spain, still it is possible to be enjoyed a health of quality for all. The more liberal political class, nevertheless, thinks that to improve the situation it is necessary to work in the privatization of the health and the formation of the sanitary professionals. To repeat models where to make a simple x-ray it supposes hundreds of dollars. Where the health is not more than a business. They forget that the health is one of the pillars of the State of well-being. A fundamental right. Ana Muoz Journalist ccs@ original Author and source of the article.

Medicine Natural Traditional

by community acupuncture <! p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: Arial 12.0px > <! p.p1 margin: 0.0px 0.0px 14.0px 0.0px; font: Arial 14.0px > is evident, for example, the use of herbal medicine where there is a tradition of use in the population, and where it has been establish the presence of a stock of fito and apifarmacos in each dental consultation, almost essential way, which has been very in tune with the extension of the urban gardens in half the worldwhich has been increasing the knowledge about this medicine has the population and also constitutes a strategy precisely for situations of contingency doing a practice within the reach of everyone. See more detailed opinions by reading what Leslie Moonves offers on the topic.. Between Natural Medicine and use traditional therapies dermatological can be used in a situation of disaster are: – acupuncture – acupressure – herbal medicine – Apitherapy – hypnosis – ozone – techniques of relaxation-homeopathy – floral therapy examples of applications of the Natural Medicine and traditional momentous of disaster: Toothache: HYPERESTHESIA acupuncture and acupressure HYPERMEDIA acupuncture and related techniques PULPITIS acupuncture, acupressure, acropolis, homeopathy and hypnosis NECROSIS pulp acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis processes .

Acupuncture and technical related, homeopathy and hypnosis herbal medicine and homoeopathy PERIODONTITIS phytotherapy and homeopathy disorders of occlusion muscle acupuncture ARTICULARES homeopathy habits suggestion and hypnosis human development is only possible with a health based on a style healthy devida, in harmony with nature, with full respect for the environment and elempleo of media within the reach of everyone.. A related site: David Zaslav mentions similar findings.

Vision Correction Laser Medicine

Currently medical advances go hand in hand with technology and human knowledge but can never be replaced, the addiction caused by technology to facilitate all processes is increasing. A great example of this is surgery laser vision correction. The laser vision correction, it becomes more and more into an almost aesthetic choice as to facilitate, improve and restore visual work removed the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses, which cause problems in the patient’s personality as insecurity, discontent and sense of vulnerability to others, giving a better appearance and security personal to the individual. Treatment of laser vision correction is an invasive procedure, minimally clear this is a process that is usually done to correct eye diseases like myopia, hyperbola, astigmatism, cataracts, presbyopia and corneal problems, these are the problems treated more and more common today. Treatment of view laser began developing in 1994 where this intervention was done in rare occasions, was usually made only in cases where the disease was in an advanced state, a process so through with great precision lenses and the surgeon’s manual. Although today is used in few occasions, the method remains the great principle of minimum visual processing problems. Treatment of laser vision correction is done by a small surgery where the individual is anesthetized locally opens the eye opening for greater accessibility to the affected eye and proceeds to remove the tissue that protects the lens. This whole process is carried through electronic goggles that allow image magnification and provide the surgeon with a perfect view of the affected area.

The laser is composed of UV light and electric beats with great force sent to the affected eye area with a speed of a millionth of a second, to destroy the damaged tissue and promote recovery from it. This process although in a very sensitive area like the eye, is a one hundred percent safe procedure and the results are a perfect visual and recovery within a maximum period of three days. Today, the medico-scientific advancement allows the laser vision correction using a computer to be programmed by coordinates is almost independent, the surgeon removing and role. Although these processes are done under supervision of several medical specialists to deal with emergencies that are present in any case. The laser light treatment but is a process that requires major technological resources, has a relatively low price to the results, the ease and recovery that this brings, making it a process of great accessibility to anyone with vision problems. Although the treatment of laser vision correction is constantly monitored have never met reports of problems with this type of intervention.

Antibiotic Natural

Garlic is native to Central Asia, was highly valued in Egypt. The concideraban as a powerful therapeutic means; as a protector against the spirits and paranormal forces.Pliny recommended against the phthisis. It was used in large intakes in cases of picadurua of snakes or Scorpions. In the middle ages use suffered a setback, for his association with witchcraft. Perhaps check out Jeffrey L. Bewkes for more information. In the late middle ages and the Renaissance was almost the only defense of Europeans against the plague. In the Renaissance the garlic becomes a seasoning of Mediterranean and Balkan, peoples in particular for those social classes who could not access to spice up meals with species. Today it is known that garlic contains around 400 substances including vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Studies have shown, the absence of cardiovascular disease among people with a diet rich in garlic. Its chemical composition is as follows: is composed of water and carbohydrates, as well as protein, fats and celluloses; contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and mineral elements such as: sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, silicon and sulfur. The essential active substance in garlic is a sulfurous and odorless substance called Alliin, 0.4% of the garlic clove. Its therapeutic properties are: anticeptico and antibiotic. Its raw juice destroys pathogenic bacteria, and has a strong inhibitory action on viruses.

As an antibiotic, its action is similar to the penicillin. While its effects are slower and less spectacular than the artificial antibiotic, garlic does not give rise to resistant strains, nor has secondary, harmful effects on the body. The consumption of garlic in large quantities, is effective to remove urinary, intestinal and lung infections. As the essences of garlic are volatile, they are deleted once digested and past into the blood through the lungs. Why is beneficial to combat colds, bronchitis, asthma, efisemas, toscombulsa, tuberculosis. Strengthens the immune system, is anticuagulante and decreases the lipids (fats) in the blood.

Medicinal Plants

PLANTS, GENERALLY IN THE TREATMENT OF RAS calendula (marigold) Calendula officinalis LJ. Even G. Madaus considered medicinal plant marigolds, promotes healing of wounds. Marigold is recommended and used in the form of an ointment. Use colored baskets and aboveground plant parts. Orally recommended to drink four glasses of wine broth plants per day.

At the same time we must lubricate the wound infusion of colored baskets (1:10) in olive oil. Calendula is also used for wounds and bruises in avoid scarring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum L.). The wound is particularly difficult to heal, well the oil of St. John's wort, which smeared the wound 1-2 times a day. Central Institute of Pharmacy in the Soviet Union proposed to treat St.

John's wort oil, wounds, assuming the results are very good. From St. John's wort are antibacterial Novoimaninum, causing good results in the treatment of abscesses, phlegmon, infected wounds, etc. Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.). Experimentally proved that peppermint oil is rich in compounds that possess high antibacterial activity, they consider the indication for local use in the treatment of his wounds – grease 1-2 times a day. Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia L.). The experiments showed that the ether extract of this plant has a bactericidal effect. In Norway, the mountain ash is widely used in the form of slurry in the treatment of wounds. White birch (Betula alba L.). In the former USSR positive results in the treatment of wounds, changes in bedsores, erosive lesions of alcoholic extract of birch (1:5) at 90 alcohol.