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Curtains – a familiar detail of the interior of any room, they are present in all areas from modest apartments to palatial houses. Imagine a room with no curtains, of course you can, but to call such a cozy interior is clearly impossible. Blinds windows give us a subconscious feeling of security from the outside world and an aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the soft folds of beautiful fabrics. When the first man decorated his house curtains? Probably this story a design dates back to the days when the cave man, hiding from the cold air curtain entrance to the cave with the skins of animals. For those curtains have appeared on the doorways between the chambers of ancient castles, and were designed to protect them residents from walking near the huge halls of the draft. In fact here and there the word "curtain" – from the French "door." In each country developed its own characteristics of interior textiles: curtains design, materials for the manufacture of curtains – all associated with the climate and culture of the country, as well as its traditions. For example, for India, China, France and Italy, the traditional material for curtains was silk, and for England and Scotland – wool. With respect to Central Asia and America, there used cotton, but in Russia – flax. In Greece, Egypt and the curtains were only a simple blade of light fabric, draped in cascading, horizontal and other types of folds. Ability home decorating fabric or valued almost below the ability to create artful drapery of ancient costume.

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The historical Pantry of the World of soccer and its precedents The games and the spectacles, the precursors of the Pantry of the Em24 World of August of 79, Vesvio volcano destroyed the cities Italian of Pompeia and Herculano and, one year later, Rome were again consumed for the fire in a so devastador fire how much of 64, the known disaster historically as the Great Fire of Rome, which entered for annals of the empire of Nero. Tito Flvio August Vespasiano starts its reign under some months of disasters. The great workmanship, therefore, was the finishing of the Amphitheatrum Flavium, workmanship initiated for its father, Emperor Vespasiano, who later became the great symbol of the Roman empire, known as the Coliseu. In celebration the finishing of the construction, Tito restores the prodigal games inaugurates in the Coliseu, that last 100 days. If it cannot affirm, certainly, the nature of the games that if had followed. However, the tradition Roman points with respect to the format of venatione, games with animals, execution of criminals, battle of gladiadores and teatral representation of famous battles.

It coliseu it entered for our age loading a great legacy. These spectacles huge of the antiquity originally they were destined to commemorate the religious parties of the public cult, that, however, had lost, with the time, all the significao. The emperors and governing had initiated a movement that transformed these events into a place to cultivate the popular affection. Certainly he was in the games that this space if became still more fertile. Since the antiquity, any great event is conditional to some paradoxes, obviously, minimized for effective ideals. The general conscience of our civilization is overwhelmd by a way of life completely contradictory e, however, comfortable. These two simple verifications finish for leading in them to the plan of the culture. What our culture desires? What our culture and our past make in them to desire? In March of 2002, winner Portuguese writer of the prize celebrates it Nobel de Literatura, Jose Saramago, in uprising to World-wide the Social Frum, creates alegoria on an only peasant who touched the bell of its village to announce the death of justice.