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The Carnival of Recife and Olinda has smells of happiness, enchantment and satisfaction. The folies that color the environment with its fancies, trying the fervorosas sensations of this great party made for the people, for the people, to translate the beauty of these cultural polar regions disclosing authenticity. It is interesting to also detach that the pernambucano carnival, beyond being rich in details and culture, is the carnival most democratic, therefore in the same wheel can see people of different social, rich and poor classrooms that divide space the same leaving the differences and preconceptions of race, religion and sexuality of side, making with that the carnival if more becomes each disputed time. The Rooster of the Dawn, that leaves all Saturday carnival of the quarter of Is Jose, one of the quarters downtown, starts in front of the Fort of the Five Tips, passing for the Avenue Dantas Barreto, Square Sergio Loreto, Street of the Concord (saw narrower), and finishing in the Guararapes Avenue. Beyond the Rooster of the Dawn, other attractions happen many, as Corridor of frevo, Polar regions of the clubs, the Fancies, Infantile Carnival, Of the Traditions, All the Frevos, All the Rhythms, Fen, Rec Beat, Recife Multicultural, decentralized, among others. The organization still considers projects special as frevioca, Lick-licks, social Faces of Recife, projects, Momomvel and Mais life. During the carnival diverse services are offered by the City halls, as for example, multicultural central office, ranks of health and security, transit, special transport, and many others that can be conferred in the vestibule that all year disponibiliza all the programming of the Carnival in Pernambuco, in set with the Recife.J Agenda in Olinda, the party is very known by the parades of the Giant Dolls. With more than two meters of height, the dolls leave for slopes the city leading joy to the folies that meet there. It also has blocks of street and parrels, that cover the streets packed for the contagiante rhythm that is frevo. Democratization as main characteristic, makes of these two places a point of meeting of people of some places, in order to have fun and to have good memories.